• The Automatic Thermocycling dipping machine is designed for simulation of oral temperature changes. The sample is immersed cyclically in baths of hot, warm and cold fluids. The machine is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) system with a touch screen as the interface for users. A simulation cycle was built as a mobile arm with a basket of one or more profiles, where the user can select two or three types of temperature. All six tanks are independent of each other and can be controlled via a touch screen.
  • The UML-V1 is a CNC lathe machine is the first Malaysian Made CNC Lathe. It is designed and developed by researchers and academicians of AMMP Centre, University of Malaya, Malaysia. The machine was designed to incorporate industry standard requirements and features while at the same time is user friendly, especially for beginner-level users.



Now we are focussing on developing a novel Automatic Thermocyclic Dipping Machine which is designed for laboratory and industrial purposes. This machine is applicable in various industries such as semiconductor, electroplating, coating and treatment industries.




Zecttron Sdn. Bhd offer various kind of consultation services such as design and manufacturing custom made products as well as engineering simulations and services.


Main Products


           UML V2.0 CNC LATHE MACHINE                                                    AUTOMATIC     

                                                                                                     THERMOCYCLIC DIPPING MACHINE                                                                                                                                       


Professional Leader Development Workshop

7th - 9th August 2017 - Zecttron Sdn. Bhd organized a 3 days workshop on Professional Societies Leaders Development Program at Faculty of Engineering. The speaker is Prof. Dr. Mohd Hamdi Abd Shukor. Prof. Hamdi share his experience on how how to develop leadership skills in top management. 

Give Back to UM Day

25th July 2017 - Small gives makes a big difference! Zecttron Sdn. Bhd along with other UM spin-off companies had contributed a sum of money with a whopping RM16 Million in total.