• The Automatic Thermocycling dipping machine is designed for simulation of oral temperature changes. The sample is immersed cyclically in baths of hot, warm and cold fluids. The machine is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC) system with a touch screen as the interface for users. A simulation cycle was built as a mobile arm with a basket of one or more profiles, where the user can select two or three types of temperature. All six tanks are independent of each other and can be controlled via a touch screen.
  • The UML-V1 is a CNC lathe machine is the first Malaysian Made CNC Lathe. It is designed and developed by researchers and academicians of AMMP Centre, University of Malaya, Malaysia. The machine was designed to incorporate industry standard requirements and features while at the same time is user friendly, especially for beginner-level users.

ANSYS Hands On training Workshop


ANSYS is the world leading simulation software, it has provided the industries a revolutionizing change in various stages. For example, prototyping requires careful selection of component properties regarding stiffness, strength and vibration characteristics and applies especially to dynamic effects, which require considerable effort for testing. ANSYS simulation provides a clear picture of the behavior of the components being tested during the design stage.


This Workshop is designed to equip you with a powerful set of skill, enable you to perform various types of simulation. In this 4 days workshops, you will be exposed with ANSYS Simulation Software in both theory and physic including the latest techniques, wide area of simulation and intensive training on each subject. At the end of this workshop, participant will find themselves able to produce complex simulations in various aspects of engineering.

Who Should join?

This course is designed for all levels of Academicians, Lecturer, Research scholars/students from academic Institutes and Scientists, Engineers working in Private/ Public/ Government Organizations/ Industries, Research & Development establishments, Technicians and Students who wish to use it in industry or personal use.


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