AnyLogic Software


We are sole distributor for Anylogic Software. The AnyLogic is a leading provider of dynamic simulation tools, technologies and consluting services for business applications. The AnyLogic Company designs, develops and markets AnyLogic - the first and only tool that brings together System Dynamics, Process-centric (Discrete Event), and Agent Based methods within one modelling language and one model development environment.

AnyLogic is the choice of thousands users worldwide, hundreds of commercial and governmental organizations and hundreds of universities. The AnyLogic user community is constantly growing both because of migration from other tools and because AnyLogic makes simulation modelling applicable in new areas. AnyLogic has become a corporate standard for simulation in many global companies. With a natural competitive advantage of having been the support center for AnyLogic users for years, we have the best possible knowledge of how simulation modelling works in business applications.

Introduce our new software AnylogistixTM. This is a multimethod software for supply chain optimization, network design, and analysis. AnyLogistixTM combines traditional analytical optimization approaches together with innovative simulation technologies offering six powerful methods that coincide to describe your supply chain with a greater level of detail. For more detail please go to this link :

Application of AnyLogic Software:

      1. Simulation and modelling technology due to its flexibility and distinctive multi-methods modelling capabilities.

      2. Business area consists of:


·         Supply Chain

·         Logictic

·         Manufacturing

·         Market Analysis